Introducing proprietary Clean Label research from Kerry

Beyond the Label

The Clean Food Revolution

A comprehensive study on the Clean food revolution in America.

Clean Label Awareness

Consumers believe food should deliver on the promise of simple, clear, and trusted food.

Understand what claims matter most to consumers…and which are less important.

Get an in-depth view of consumer reaction to 54 no-no ingredients such as nitrates and nitrites.

Learn what primary stumbling blocks consumers articulated as barriers to to Clean Label growth.

How can you embrace the Clean Label trend as it continues to grow? Research on how to invest in Clean Label innovation and renovation.

Find out what attitudinal and behavioral differences exist between Millennials and Boomers.

Claims Driving 
Clean Label

Ingredients -
No Villains

Barriers to Clean 
Label Growth

Different Worlds
of Clean Label

Looking Ahead

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Meeting Customer Clean Label Expectations

Kerry balances consumer demands with functional, safe and sustainable solution without compromising on taste and nutrition. No matter where you are on your clean label journey, Kerry is your total solutions partner.


Replace ingredients with clean label alternatives while retaining key functionality, taste and/or nutrition profiles in your products.


Leverage clean label technologies to reduce specific ingredients and simplify your ingredients statements.


Discover creative ways to re-position your product in the marketplace.


Scale the business of your natural brand while maintaining your identity.


Remove specific ingredients such as nitrates and nitrites.

Today’s consumers may not fully understand what “clean label” means but they do understand product claims and attributes. They are increasingly looking for food they can trust, that is closer to nature, that is healthy and avoids ingredients like nitrates and nitrites. Reading the label has become a norm, with businesses in every category and channel innovating to stay ahead of evolving consumer needs.

Consumers Want Three Things from Food

Ingredients (41%)

"No Villains"

No artificial ingredients

No artificial flavors or colors


Nutrition (41%)

"Naturally Healthy"

Low sugar

Low calorie

Whole grains

Sustainability (18%)

"Full Disclosure"

Minimally processed

Ethically/Sustainably grown/sourced

Responsibly manufactured

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